LargeMouth Bass Fishing Testimonials

Scott Oct. 2017

 Recently had the opportunity to go on a trip with these guys and it was great. Conditions were very tough with a cold front the day of and 15+ mph winds. Captain Chris put us on the fish and made it a great day. And the best part is he was like a teacher to us out there. now feel like I can bring my boat back over to Guntersville and be able to find fish as well as fish better on my home lakes back in GA. He not only explained what to look for but he helped me with electronics and many other things. I probably learned more on that 6 hour trip than I have on my own in the last year. Can't wait to book them and go again! Thank you fellas! 

Mark April 2017

 I went fishing with my nephew for two 8 hr days with Mike. The first day was overcast and rather cool. On the first cast I caught about a 4 lb largemouth. Mike then caught 2 more within the first two hours. Then the weather changed an all went quiet. Mike took us all over the lake to fish stumps, grass, shell beds everything you could imagine. We ended up with 4 largemouth for the day along with a striper and Pearch. Mike could not have tried any harder to get us fish they just would not bite. We used the same bait that he was using and he was very helpful. We each had three poles and he helped us any way he could. There were many more poles and bait on the boat, he is well prepared.
The second day was sunny but colder with some wind. We went to totally different spots than the first day. There was only one spot that we did hit twice but that was because it was on the way back to the Dock when it was quitting time. The fist largemouth I caught was 9Lb 3oz and it was because Mike showed me how to fish this particular bait. Then I went on to catch 3 more throughout the day averaging around 4Lbs each. We ended up with 6 or 7 largemouth another striper and a Catfish about 8Lbs. I would recommend Mike to anyone. The boat was meticulously clean and well taken care of. My nephew and I learned a lot and had a lot of laughs with Mike. Every time there was a fish on Mike was right there to get it in the boat. Thanks Mike for a great trip and you will be seeing me again!!! 

Brandon Oct 2017

 Went in early July and had the best 4 days of fishing I’ve ever had. They really know the lake and how to catch fish and caught numbers and quality. Also told us some of there secrets and many tips and tricks. 

E. Whitaker September 2017

Captain Mike is a great guy and knows his stuff, 2nd cast this morning we put a 5lber in the boat! Ended up catching a bunch of fish and had a great time! 

Johnny March 2017


Mike is one of the coolest guys out there. He loves fishing and wants to spread knowledge and how-to to all his customers no matter if they fish with him or not.
If you need a guide his company is one of the better out there.
Thanks Mike!


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  • Mike

    Just wanted to drop a note to thank you and all of your help for the past 2 days.  Everyone had a great time and those that didn’t go are, of course, now wanting to.  I’m pretty sure we I will be in touch with you very soon about booking a trip at the end of March or beginning of April.  I already have people wanting to be there.  

    ​We appreciate your patience, and all the other things involved with the trip.  I can guarantee it will happen again.  And as far as I’m concerned, the sooner the better.

    If you need any references or need anything, don’t hesitate to let me know. 

Kelly Higgins
Product Specialist
Ferguson Enterprises,

Kyle July 2016


  • That was the best fishing trip that I have ever had and I look forward to booking another trip in the future.

    ​Thanks, Kyle

Terry March 2016

Thank you again for a great day fishing.  We really enjoyed the day.  You were very professional and courteous.  I look forward to bringing my sons down this summer some time..
Thank you,

Ryan March 2018


Class act all the way. Mike is a true professional and a great guy. Fished with him yesterday scouting for a tournament in a few weeks. Not the greatest conditions but still managed to put us on some fish but the insight provided about Guntersville, patterns and techniques was invaluable. Felt like I was fishing with an old friend by the end of the day.”

Ryan P

Johnny May 2104


 More than catching fish or learning locations, I enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about the seasonal patterns on Guntersville.  The patterns shifted as the week progressed. I can say the knowledge you gave us of what the fish would be doing allowed us to modify our strategy and come out winning. Two days 58 pounds, not great judging from results of local tounaments but being relatively new to the lake, we were very proud. Mike again thanks for the great trip, I hope to do it again.

Thank you all for the referrals Capt. Mike Gerry